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Thursday morning, Rocco drove up to Camp Keyes to attend what he thought was an award ceremony for a longtime friend and fellow WWII veteran.

The friend did in fact get an award, but as the applause subsided, something totally unexpected happened.

A line of some 30 of Rocco's friends and relatives, led by Theresa, filed into the small room. Rocco looked from one face to another, dumbstruck.

Col. LaPointe clicked a remote and a slide appeared on the television monitor - a 58-year-old photo of Private Rocco Gedaro. He explained - as if anyone didn't already know - who Rocco was and how sometimes the military has a knack for screwing things up.

Gen. Tinkham, holding a framed copy of the formal promotion order, then asked Rocco to step forward. Everyone applauded - many swallowing back tears as Rocco, still stunned, rose from his seat and walked slowly to the front of the room... See Complete Story

Rocky & Family


Front row, son Tony, Me.(Rocky) grandson Joel, Daughter Mary Lou, Next row, Carolyn,
Next row, Joanne,
Next row, grandaughter, Nicole, Next row, grandson Jody.

Rocky Family

Gedaro Family, left to right daughter,Theresa, wife Betty, (deceased May 22,1992), daughters, Mary Lou, Joanne, Carolyn, and in front son Tony.


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