Sgt. Procario
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Sgt. Rudy Procario - 13th Army Air Force
Rudy ProcarioThe War in The Pacific Theatre

After completing his training as a radio operator at Scott Field, Illinois, Rudy Procario was sent overseas on December 31, 1944. He crossed the International Dateline on January 8, 1945 and landed in Dutch New Guinea. Then he went to the Phillipine Islands—Leyte Island was home base for his plane squadron in the 13th Army Air Force.

From there, he went on missions to various islands in the South Pacific: Meridara Island in Feb.1945, to Palawan Island in June 1945 where he was photographed on top of a shot-down Japanese Betty Airplane, to Dutch East India on Morati in the Moluccas Islands, and to Brisbane, Australia on May 30th, 1945. The Japanese finally surrendered in August, 1945 and the Second World War was over.

Sgt. Rudolph F. Procario was given an Honarable Discharge on Jan. 27th, 1946. He was awarded the American Service Medal, the Pacific Service Medal, the Good Conduct Medal, the Phillippines Liberation Ribbon, and the World War II Victory Medal. In February of 1946, he went back to Manhattan College.

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Sgt. Procario at Brisbane, Australia
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Rudy Procario
Sgt. Procario
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Sgt. Procario on top of a shot down Japanese Betty - Palawan, June 1945
Good luck soldier
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